• About NL-DJ

    Worldwide Music Production Classes

    Your passion is our mission.

    We connect our students to the best DJ/producers, record labels and artist managements via music production classes that are truly inspiring. We do this because we believe every aspiring DJ/producer deserves an honest chance at becoming the next breakthrough artist.

    Our mission is simple:

    Give our students the right tools and motivation to take their DJ- and music production career to the next level.

    We are committed to helping our students take their music career to the next level.

    We fulfill our mission by setting up thrilling, high quality music production classes, at world renowned locations, with the best DJ/producers. During this experience, they openly share their music production knowledge that got them to the top of the game.

    If you are an ambitious DJ/producer with a passion for music, regardless of your skill level, we can educate you in the areas of music production, deejaying, getting your tracks to the right people and getting DJ bookings.

  • What our students say about our classes.

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